A Response to Hearing Loss

I had a haircut appt and could not get the address to work on my maps. I had to use the phone and it went badly because it kept breaking up making my faulty hearing worse. Finally someone texted me directions and I got to the haircut.

Afterward, I was talking to her on the porch about hearing loss and apologizing for being late. We talked about people who are deaf (not capital D) and she says, “I don’t care what others say I think you people are intelligent.” I was a little shocked. (Maybe her sister, who made the appt, told her I was an idiot.) I didn’t know quite what to say so told her, “We can do anything anyone else can do except hear.”

What would you say?



4 responses to “A Response to Hearing Loss

  1. Really?! Believe it or not “we” drive too!

  2. Well done! People need to get out of their bubbles more.

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