My First Deaf Style Alarm Clcok

I rarely use alarm clocks, I’ve hated them with a passion since grade school when I had to wake up with the old fashioned alarm clock that clanged between two bells.  Early on I learned to wake up before the it went off to save myself the fright.  Since then I’ve been very good about waking up when I want to except when I have to get up real early, then  I use my phone as an alarm clock.  The problem is I don’t hear it over the half the time, instead Ken hears it and nudges me awake to turn it off.

Last week I needed to get up early but no Ken. I slept soundly the first 3 hours then woke up every hour afterward checking my phone afraid I’d miss the alarm.  I posted to Facebook about it the next day just saying I would be tired.  Wouldn’t you know one of my friends offered me a deaf style alarm clock.

Tonight I brought it out  and realized I had no idea how to set it up and what all the buttons were for (now I’m sounding old). I was astounded to learn the damn thing talked to me…in a foreign language!  I called Ken in and he started counting in French with the clock.  Why does a deaf person need a talking alarm clock and who thinks of this stuff?  I searched the internet until I found the instruction manual and downloaded it. It has four languages; somehow I bypassed German, found French, then came Spanish and finally English. Why does a deaf person need a talking clock? It took a while but I found a way to shut her voice off.

TLC 200
It has a rechargeable, wireless shake awake (vibrator, that needs to charge), 90 decibels of alarm if I chose (never! it would scare me to death) or a flashing light. I’ll try the flashing light and the shake-awake at some point. I’m excited. (har har)

It took a long time just to set the time and the day of the week which made me use almost all the buttons on the front of the clock.  It’s now late and I need to get up early yet I’m afraid to use any of the functions tomorrow not knowing what to expect because there’s still knobs on the back I need to figure out. At least I can look over at the time now instead of checking my phone.

I was telling Ken about all the options when he went to bed.  “I’m going to be woken up rudely,” he asked.

“No,” I said. “I won’t use it while you are here because you  can make sure I wake up with my phone alarm.”

“So what I’m hearing is I’m going to wake up no matter what.”

“Uh, I guess so.”  I love you Ken – immensely.


3 responses to “My First Deaf Style Alarm Clcok

  1. I’ve loved the alarm on my iPhone. It’s set to vibrate and tucked under my pillow. The only time I messed up was one night I managed to knock the phone off the bed as I slept. Now I just make sure it’s well under the pillow. It doesn’t even wake my husband.

    • That’s great! I think I move way too much to keep my phone under the pillow. I’m always changing positions, moving my pillow around and sliding a hand underneath it. It’s amazing I feel rested. lol
      I tried out the different alarms on my new clock. Flashing is good, the vibrating starts slow and builds up in intensity so that works. The sound starts low and works up in volume. It takes me a long time to hear it so I will probably skip that option.

  2. I keep my phone on vibrate but, I also knocked it off the bed many times. Now I slip it inside the pillow case so it cant fly away when I move around.

    Loved the final comments from your husband… husband feels his pain.

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