my Not hard of hearing life

I’m going to post about me today and not so much about hearing loss.  Hearing loss will slip in because it’s part of my every day life in some form or another.

  Here’s my husband.


We met in 2007 at Burning Man.  We’ve had our ups and downs like most couples and we hung in there enough to get married a year and a half ago.  We are doing well as a married couple, to death do us part.

We camp a lot.  He might say we don’t but I think we do.  Last week we were up at Green River Lakes, WY.  Last month we were in the Grand Staircase near Esclante, UT and Capitol Reef.  The month before that, we were camping in Eastern Arizona for their regional burn.  Next month it’s camping again for Utah’s regional burn.

Sagurao Man

Saguaro Man in Arizona

Grand Staircase

Green River Lakes, WY

I have 3 kids, my daughter being the oldest.  All 3 are in their 20’s.  I love family time with my kids. I don’t to get to see them all 3 together at once but when I do I sure treasure it.  We have good times together playing cards, watching movies and goofing around.

kids and me

Me and the kids in 2008


It can’t ever be a serious picture.

A few of many card nights.


This picture includes my son-in-law.

My daughter has given me two grandsons I absolutely adore.  The oldest is 5 years old and the youngest turned 1 year old last month.  I never knew being a grandma would be so much fun.  My daughter says it’s because I get to sleep at night.  Perhaps.



My parents live in Arizona and I try to visit them when I can.  (Except summer, I’m done with desert summers.)  I have just as much fun with my parents as I do my kids.  We all get along (my parents & my kids) so well it’s abnormal I think.  We always thought I favored my mom’s side of the family but we found out this winter I actually look more like my dad.

I have a 12 year old cat, Squeaker.  I’m not sure how old he is even though I’ve had him since he was a kitten. I’ve lost track of time and it’s like he has always been around.  He’s 19-20 pounds and my constant companion.

In between husband, kids, grandkids, cat and camping I read and write.  I sit on the patio under the apricot tree with the husband, go on picnics up in the mountains and travel visiting friends.  In between that I cut hair and work part-time at the state deaf and hard of hearing center.  I volunteer for the SayWhatClub, I’m on the steering committee for our local HLAA chapter.  I also run a few Facebook pages and help with a few others too.  There’s rarely a dull moment which is why there are gaps in my posts and delays when I reply to comments.  It’s a busy life!


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